How Teespring uses Canvas, SVG, and the DOM to Design T-Shirts

Getting ideas out of people’s heads and into the real world is a goal that’s key to what Teespring does, and our t-shirt design tool is front and center in that process. We put a lot of effort into making the experience as useful and performant as possible, and we had a lot of fun working with the modern browser graphics stack on the way. There are a lot of exciting new graphics technologies on the web now, from canvas, to SVG, to complex animations in plain CSS.

Keep Ruby Weird

KRW watercolor

Keep Ruby Weird was this past weekend in Austin, TX and I had the good fortune of being in attendance.

Hosted downtown at the awesome Alamo Drafthouse, we were treated to a series of outstanding speakers. While all the talks were excellent and are worth a watch, I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites here.

Debugging CircleCI build timeouts

the problem

About a month ago, we noticed unexplained timeouts cropping up in our CircleCI builds.

Without understanding the underlying problem, our only workaround was to frantically hit the rebuild button and hope that the timeout gremlins didn’t strike.

With builds turning red seemingly at random, our ability to merge and deploy code was severely restricted; something had to be done!

Hello, World!

Welcome to the Teespring engineering blog! The purpose of this site is to highlight some of the things we’ve learned while building the Teespring platform. This may include, but is not limited to: technical challenges, scaling our infrastructure, performance optimizations, engineering culture and hiring, and our product development process.